You guys, you're no gang, you're not even mafia-level stuff. There is something you do have though..It's like... You guys are actually... A tight-knit family. You may be a wild bunch, but still a family.

– Air Chomp

Free Candy is an alternate universe from their canon counterparts involving the group of friends travelling around together. Initially starting out as a video series, it has since branched off into video games, self-parodies, and general wacky antics. Free Candy's theme song is "Green and Purple" by Kritikal, which also happens to be the two main colors of the group because of creative differences.

The Van


The van as seen in Garry's Mod

The GREEN MACHINE is the primary mode of transportation for the group. It is a green van with purple flames painted towards the front. GREEN MACHINE and FREE CANDY are written on opposite sides of the van. Originally, the concept for the van came from the idea of the group getting together in-person for a road trip at some point as a large enough vehicle to fit everyone. The van is capable of gaming-hopping and subsequently driving through mountains, holding an entire cinema in the back and getting lost in space. It can also gain wings and a jet engine for flight. It's also been speculated, though never directly observed, that the van is capable of transforming into some kind of giant robot

Friends N Crazy (Coloured)

The current crew.

The Crew


The original group.

The Gr8 Split

The group used to be bigger than what it is now. Until one day (sometime in 2012) some shit went down and half of the group left. The group has also gone back and forth between member counts a bit since then.

Removed Characters

  • Silver the Wolf
  • Epsi
  • Skel the Tiger
  • Kaoz
  • Zack
  • Justin
  • Seb

Group Projects

Free Candy has been involved with many things including: